Desert boats will be operating from later in March down the Warburton river to lake Eyre. If the flood is enough we will operate a Kallakoopah trip (15 days in boats) in April/May.

It's difficult to predict how long navigable water will be available.

Bookings will be taken on a first come first served basis.

Calling is recommended for information, bookings or updates.

0885432280 or Mobile 0400 854 358 (preferred)

The first trip will be leaving on March 18th

More Departure Dates:

April 12th - 15 day Kallakoopah $8,500

May 7 & 31, June 21, July 15 - 12 day Warburton


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Past Trips below


As in the past wet years, I have often operated trips on the Diamantina or Georgina Rivers above Birdsville, early in the new year. This is before floodwaters have filled Goyders Lagoon swamp, and moved on down the Warburton, if in fact they get that far. This would be in Febuary or March [ When, surprisingly, the coolest place to be in this country is on one of these boat safaris.] This may be possible in the near future, if navigable not running down the Warburton Creek to Lake Eyre

Warburton River
Boat Party